Nihonshu:Japanese Sake is one of the necessities of local cuisines in Akita. People ferment rice to make Sake. It usually not the rice we eat but rice that is specialized for Sake making. Rice for Sake is a little larger than normal ones that is easier to process.

Japanese Sake is becoming popular outside of Japan recent years. There are some different kinds of Japanese Sake based on how people process rice. Rice is sweeter inside compare to outside. Level of polishing changes kinds, taste, and sweetness of Sake.

Local Sake always tastes best with local cuisines. You can enjoy local Sake and traditional foods when you at accommodation or Izakaya: Japanese style restaurant and pub at dinner time. Sometimes, there are events to enjoy Sake and food for lunchtime inside a train.

There is a local railway "Akita Nairiku-Jukan-Tetsudo" which means railway that goes across inner part of Akita. The train starts from Kakunodate station which Akita Shinkansen: Bullet train stops. It initially began as a railway to transport rocks from mines that the view on the way between mountains is prevalent. Many people from all around Japan come to take this train and enjoy a beautiful view from windows. There are some great spots that you can enjoy. Even the driver slows down the train to show you that view!!

Sometimes the train turns into a restaurant and provide local Sake and food. People in the community cook special boxed lunch and local Sake shops will provide their favorite Sake. It is a great experience that you can enjoy many things at one trip.

You definitely should try Japanese Sake when you visit Akita. Not many people in Japan speak English outside of large cities that it’s a bit hard to have conversation with local people. However, they are no longer shy when you have some Sake together. They become very talkative and speak to foreign visitors too. You can go to Izakaya: Japanese pub or go to Sake brewery. (Many of them open their brewery and have a festival day once a year.) Those places will provide a full of extraordinary experiences that you cannot find at popular tourist destinations. (From Venezuela)