My First experience of Jigging

I am an international exchange student and not a half year has passed since I came to Japan from Sweden. A couple of days ago, my roommate invited to me to go fishing, and I decided to visit with her. Actually, one of my family members is a fisher, and in my hometown, I used to go fishing in the mountain or seaside together. However, I had never been to Japan sea, so this opportunity was so excited!

It was a sunny day, and I did fishing by a boat. At this time, baits for fishing were called Jig, which were heavy and fish shapes. Very beginning, we dropped Jig 60 meters below the bottom of the ocean, then just wrapped the reel. To be honest, I got anxious whether I could get fish or not…Would I get by myself?!

About an hour was passed, my fishing rod suddenly moved! The fishing rod bent and became quite heavy. I was trying to wrap my reel as much as possible! The fish is called “Warasa.” The fisher told me that we could eat this fish at some sushi restaurants. Although this experience was hard, I was impressed a lot.

Finally, I could get three fishes! I am so happy!!
After fishing, we went to a Japanese restaurant, and then the chef cuts my fishes immediately for us.
He cooked these fishes by boiling and baking, of course for sashimi!
I was surprised that he used these fishes everything and did not waste anything.
He said this was Japanese “Mottainai” spirit. Mottainai is a Japanese term conveying a sense of regret concerning waste. Overall, this experience made my Akita life more fulfilling! (From Sweden)