The Traditional Morning Market in Gojome

A mixture of old and new. The morning market in Gojome is a very traditional market which has lasted for more than 500 years since 1495. Once you enter the market, you can feel the “newness” in the nostalgic landscape.

You can see very diverse products in the market. This includes fresh vegetables and fruits, but also homemade pickles, meals, and handmade wood carvings and accessories. You can even experience an old man showing off his magic and high school kids selling their artwork on the street.

One of the attractions for this market is that anyone who wants to sell their products in the market can open their stall no matter where they are from and no matter their age. In fact, there are college students and international students from Akita who come to run their stalls, and a local wife who used to be a shopper who is now starting her own stall on the street. The challenges facing these people are new, and exist everywhere on the street.

Those challenges now go beyond the traditional definition of a “morning market”, selling only agricultural products and shows a new possibility which enables anyone to start a small business selling whatever they want. The morning market in Gojome will surely keep transforming the space of tradition into innovation.

I would like you to enjoy having conversations with the diverse sellers and feel the unique atmosphere when you go to visit.

It seemed like that the morning market broke the biased image of the 'rural' in my mind. The unbalanced scenery of the mixture of the rural ordinary life and young and international identities which are newly established in the market reminded me of chaos, but I actually found it very interesting. Shoppers also looked like they actively enjoyed the new things starting on the street.