70% Covered by Forest

Many people imagine large cities like Tokyo or Osaka as a representation of Japan. However, 70% of Japanese land is actually covered by forest. Northern Japan including Akita especially has large proportion of untouched forest that people from cities might surprise to different atmosphere when they landed at the airport.

Tree Climbing

It is a recreational outdoor activity that people can enjoy and experience huge nature without heavy gears or hard training. Tree climbing started in USA and became popular in Japan around 2000. A rope and harness can be used for safety and people can climb trees easily.

People can climb a tree using their body and help of a rope which is not too hard for beginners. Ground get further as you climb, and a great view of mountains and rice fields are waiting for you. It is very simple but good to feel the nature of the rural area of Japan.

Outdoor activities are popular in Germany that I grew up familiar to mountains and trees but never done tree climbing before. Our instructor taught us very kindly. However, I understand only a little Japanese that I tried to understand by looking at body languages. It was a little challenging at the beginning, but it became easy to climb as I get used to it. Staying on top the tree was higher than I expected that it was a little scary to look down the ground. I could see a full view of Akita, and it felt good. I' d like to try go into other mountain and climb the even higher tree next time. (From Germany)