Apples in Akita

One of the most popular fruits in the world, Apple. Apple is produced in many different countries and regions that Japan is also one of them. Japan has a variety of different climate among the country. Northern Japan “Tohoku” gets cold weather and heavy snow that makes apple production unique.

Apples in the snow

Farmers usually harvest apples from autumn to winter. But in Yuwa area in Akita, snow covers apple trees before harvest season that turns garden white and shiny. The snow causes reflection of the sun to apples that foster photosynthesis and makes apples taste better. Farmers keep apples under the snow during winter after they harvest apples. The temperature under the snow is always 0C degree (32F). Apples get aged in the snow and wait for spring just like everyone else in snowy regions.

Experiencing Harvest

Visitors can try apple picking at this garden and take back some home. Farmers will give you a big box that you are allowed to take as many apples that fit in the box. Some children were enjoying apple picking while they try to stretch a bit higher or climb a ladder to find their favorite one. Apples in Japan are large and sweet. Come visit us to enjoy the taste of it!

I think Japanese apples is the best apple in the world. Apples in Japan is larger than one in Thailand which is about the size of Mikan:Japanese orange. However, apples I had in Akita were over double in size and have beautiful red color. The taste was great too. In Thailand, we add sugar and bit of salt to most of fruits to make it taste sweeter. However, apples in Akita were so sweet that we didn’t need to add anything.(From Thailand)