Look at outside from window of cars and trains. There is continuous forest consisted of one kind of tree. The straight and tall trees in the mountain are Akita Cedar which is known as the top tree beautiful forest in Japan. It once became popular when famous Samurai built his castle using this tree that it was difficult to buy this tree at once point. Today it is used for various products such as containers to preserve local Sake in Akita and lunch box that still has its popularity.

Many of Akita Cedar we see is artificially planted for production. Those trees will be cut down when it reaches certain height or width, but there are some old and natural trees in forest and shrines, and some of them are over 25 years old.

The climate in Akita contributes to growing Akita Cedar. The picture is the cross-sectional view of Akita Cedar. Layers on the tree are called tree rings that shows how old the tree is. A tree grows faster from spring to summer and creates line of a layer when it stops to grow during winter. Winter in Akita is cold that stops trees to grow, which means Akita Cedar has thinner layer than other trees and it strengthens them.

Canoe made by Akita Cedar is getting attention today. It became a famous tree to use for Canoe because of strength and easiness to process. Noshiro city in Akita produces Canoe using Akita Cedar at the factory which used to be a local primary school. They also prepare tools and timbers to make canoes that people can try making their Canoe.

Noshiro city produces large amount of Akita Cedar, and they also provide craft lesson using Akita Cedar. This time we are going to try two wooden dolls of animal and pot stand with the shape of cherry blossom. We only use electric jigsaw and drill, and teachers will explain what to do. Everyone can enjoy making their crafts. First, paste photography of what you make on timbre and cut into shape by using drill and jigsaw. Then use files to make the surface smooth. You can take what you made to the home. You can try more difficult crafts as you get used to it.

The tree is an essential resource in a mountainous area of rural Akita. Farmers cut some trees in the backyard and use them to heat their house. Cutting timbers looked easy but not when I tried it. (From Venezuela )