Basic Information

Establishment name
Keiko Fujii
56 Ochiai, Kobuchino, Nishikicho, Semboku-shi
Telephone number
1 night, half board JPY7,000 / 1 night, accommodation only JPY4,000 (JPY1,000 for breakfast/JPY2,000 for dinner)
Fridge, hairdryer, towel, yukata
Experience menu
Farm work activities according to the season, cooking experiences such as making kiritanpo (mashed rice skewers)
Not available

Key details

A guesthouse in Nishikicho, Semboku City, where you can experience nature and the Akita dialect. A stay at Taizando might feel like you have discovered your second hometown village.

One of the pleasures for you to enjoy here is the food cooked by Keiko-san, the owner. She uses whatever ingredients are growing in the fields at the time and creates unique dishes of her own, which do not have any particular provenance. The cooking at Taizando is one of its key attractions. Please come and try it for yourself.

Taizando is surrounded by rice paddies and fields. People love to spend time in soothing, relaxing conversation in the room with the “irori” (hearth). Foreign guests who stay here are so happy when they see this room. “I’ve seen this in Oshin!” [TV drama], they say.

Message from the owner

We tell our visitors to just blend into rural village life. This is the way we have welcomed our guests ever since 1996, and this has not changed since then. Our association with the countryside here is long-established and is based on rice farming and shipping.

In spring, the tones and colors of the world change from yellow to green. Gradually, a variety of colors come through as the seasons change. In the midst of this, we sow our vegetable seeds in the ground. Small shoots and buds appear and gradually grow larger. “See how quickly they grow!” Just like dreams as they swell and expand.
We think back on how guests have enjoyed eating vegetables like this once they have grown a little bigger. We are so grateful to the land.
We imagine the guests that we will meet that day. We look at the vegetables we have picked and cook something for them accordingly. We offer more than 10 dishes for a meal.

Request to guests

  1. Please bring your own drinks
  2. Please bring your own pajamas and bathroom accessories (toothbrush, towel, etc.)
  3. Check-in from 3 PM; check-out 10 AM

Please contact us in advance if you are likely to be either late or early in checking in.