Basic Information

Establishment name
“Shizen Mankitsuya” Farm Inn
Eiichi Motegi
29-1 Mitakenoshita, Sakanoshita, Yashimamachi, Yurihonjo-shi
Telephone number
1 night, half board, JPY6,000
Experience menu
  • Winter
    Snowmobile, igloo making
  • Spring
    Rice planting, harvesting bamboo shoots, picking mountain vegetables, picking cherries, fishing
  • Summer
    Picking peaches, fishing
  • Autumn
    Fruit harvest, crabbing, rice harvest

Key details

The guesthouse is situated near a hill with views of the River Koyoshi, bustling with “ayu” (sweetfish), Mt. Chokai and the town of Yashima. Come and experience a refreshing morning in the countryside.

This is an old private house which has been renovated as a bright and expansive “minshuku”. It has spacious rooms, with one room of 20 tatami mats (over 30 sq. m). The guesthouse has its own business and sells farm products and seasonal fruits and jams in its shop.

Message from the owner

Our agricultural activities include farming rice and cultivating a variety of different fruit trees. We work with suppliers of fruit juices. As we have taken in nursery school children for work experience here, we have been keen to help more people to experience farming and the joy of being close to Nature.

A key feature of this guesthouse is that we offer a wide variety of activities on our experiences menu. The fruit trees we grow here change color according to the season, and require different types of work and upkeep.

Peaches, nashi (Japanese pears), pears, cherries, grapes, apples, figs, ume (Japanese plums), chestnuts, kiwi fruit, prunes, persimmons and plums. There are all sorts of farming activities that you can do all year round, depending on the fruit.

Nearby the guesthouse is a hill with gorgeous views of the Koyoshi River, bustling with “ayu” to catch, Mt. Chokai and the town of Yashima.

Come and experience a refreshing morning in the countryside!