Basic Information

Establishment name
“Seisetsukan” Farm Inn
Fujimi Kadowaki
404 Odainobiraki, Hinokinai, Nishikicho, Semboku-shi
Telephone number
1 night, half board JPY10,000 / 1 night, accommodation only JPY6,000 (JPY1,000 for breakfast/JPY3,000 for dinner) *Tax excluded
Hairdryer, towel, fridge, microwave
Experience menu

※We have items for those with food allergies and dietary requirements. If you are a vegetarian/vegan or have food you are unable to eat for any reasons, please contact us before you stay.

Key details

A quiet and simple guesthouse, where the generosity and hospitality of this long-established spinach farming family is as limitless as the stars in the sky. The guesthouse first opened on October 10th, 1998.
The village here did not have much in the way of tourism resources: the owner wanted visitors to come to see the sky full of stars in summer, and the pure white snow in winter. That is why she named the guesthouse, “Seisetsukan”.
The owner refurbished the second floor of this farm worker’s cottage (which was once a cattle barn). She made an accommodation area with kitchen, bath and toilet, so there is enough room for one group of guests per day. Some people say, “It’s just like coming home” when they stay here.
In summer, you can spend time relaxing and feeling the cool breeze blowing. In winter, warm yourself with your back to the wooden stove, and just fall asleep listening to the sound of hot water boiling in the kettle.
Take a look inside the plastic greenhouse. Go out to visit a hot spring. Feel free to relax and unwind.

The guesthouse takes reservations for lunch only as well.
The distinctive feature of this guesthouse is that, as far as they can, the owner tries to serve vegetables and wild herbs that she herself has either grown or picked. There is nothing extravagant or expensive. Instead, the aim is to prepare unique vegetable farmer-style dishes.

  • Parties of 2-30 people are catered for.
  • Meals can be prepared to suit your budget.
  • There are no fixed holidays, so please telephone in advance to make a reservation.