Basic Information

Establishment name
“Satoyama no Cafe Ninigi” (Ninigi, Woodland Café) [café and guesthouse]
Makoto Saruta
14 Sainogamishita, Kitaurashinzan, Oga-shi, Akita Prefecture
Telephone number
Experience menu
Cooking local traditional dishes, village life activities, New Year's Eve “Namahage” event (Traditional New Year’s Eve ogres)
Not available

Key details

A café in an old private house where you can linger over a coffee in lamp-lit surroundings.

Located in rice fields in Kitaura, Oga-shi, which is famous for producing delicious rice, “Satoyama no Cafe Ninigi” is an old private house that resonates with history. A gorgeous café where you can relax and enjoy original blended coffee and music in the soft glow of glass lamps.

“I want this to be a warm and inviting community café where local people are welcome to get together and relax”, says Saruta-san, the café owner. The café has the air of an old quaint private house. What makes it so unique is its snug and cozy atmosphere.

Recommended menu

  • Blended coffee - Mountain blend JPY500 (Tax excluded)
  • Seasonal food menu JPY1,350 (Tax excluded)

* Menu varies according to the season.
Please contact the café for more details on the menu and on prices

Management information

1 night, accommodation only JPY5,000 (Tax excluded) (Breakfast JPY1,250 (Tax excluded) / Dinner JPY2,000~3,000)