Basic Information

Establishment name
“Mitsumata Choemon” Farm Inn
Atsuko Takahashi
12 Uwano, Sannaimitsumata, Yokote-shi
Telephone number
1 night, half board, JPY6,500 / 1 night, accommodation only, JPY4,000
Room amenities
Experience menu
Making “iburi gakko” (smoked daikon radish pickles), picking vegetables and wild herbs, straw craftwork
Not available

Key details

“This tastes so delicious!”

These are the words that “iburi gakko” producers want to hear. Even today they are hard at work. They want to bring a beaming smile to the faces of the people who taste their pickled vegetables, or who come to visit. Look up and see the night sky full of stars. The mountain range looks hazy in the morning mist.

There is “nothingness” all around - just Nature in her original state. It will make you feel refreshed and invigorated! Atsuko-san puts a lot of time and effort into her cooking.

The delicious food at Mitsumata Choemon has local ingredients in each exquisite dish. Her regional dishes are packed with her unique ideas and techniques. She is able to offer this kind of food because of the support and cooperation of all the residents of the village of Mitsumata.

Message from the owner

I have always wanted to open a farm guesthouse like this and now I have been able to achieve this. I look to build a deep friendship with everyone who comes to this inn, offering hospitality in a communal atmosphere where everyone can come together. Please feel free to come here and relax at your leisure. We can show you around Mitsumata.

Our inn is in a remote area with nothing all around. That is why the air here is so fresh and pleasant, and the stars in the night sky shine beautifully. I would be delighted if you came here for a taste of Nature here.