Basic Information

Establishment name
Hotel Masaka
Kazunori Masaka
52 Yunosawa, Sarukura, Chokaimachi, Yurihonjo-shi
Telephone number
1 night, half board, JPY8,000 / Bathing day visit: Adult JPY1,000, child JPY500
TV, hairdryer, towels, fridge, yukata, toothbrush
Experience menu
Farming activities

Key details

Mt. Chokai floats on the morning mist. Climb the mountains to pick wild vegetables in spring. Enjoy the wild grass and clear streams in the summer. Mushroom picking and taking in aromas and fragrances of rice plants in the fall. Enjoy skiing in the winter. There are so many activities you can do to experience nature and the blessings of the mountains.

Message from the owner

There’s three hundred years tradition of relaxing hot springs in the village of Sarukura. Hotel Masaka is an inn where you can try out activities, such as agriculture, forestry and fishing, and enjoy country living. You can enjoy local cuisine. Everyone is most welcome.

In spring, the plants and trees awaken from their long sleep and yawn. Clear streams start flowing as they take in the water from melted snow. In the summer, the leaves of the trees are green and luxuriant. The noise of the beetles and cicadas, or a chorus of frogs in the rice fields, can be heard. In the autumn, mountains take on different hues steeped in the soft glow of the sunset, with deep colors like make-up, just like a color print. In winter, everything is covered in snow. The happy contented voices of children can be heard, skiing, sledging or building snow igloos.