Basic Information

Establishment name
Farm Inn, Nature Kyomien
Kyoko Komatsu
32 Okinogooshimizu, Shimizu, Daisen-shi
Telephone number
1 night, half board, JPY6,000 (Tax included)
* Separate heating charge during winter
TV, fridge, hairdryer, towels
Experience menu
Farm work experiences, dry flower making, cooking with rice flour
Not available

Key details

The owner learned about green tourism through broadening her horizons overseas beyond Akita. By utilizing that experience, she has created the farm inn that she has always dreamed about.

The guesthouse welcomes all visitors and is keen to meet them. People who come to Akita and leave with wonderful memories of their visit. Each meeting we have in life is precious, and the owner welcomes all her guests with her own unique style of hospitality.

Message from the owner

The name of the guesthouse, "Farm Inn Nature" links the concept of green tourism which I have learned about from my travels overseas with natural food, something I have always been interested in. I would like my children to inherit and take over this plantation from us, and I have incorporated this wish by combining my name and my family’s name to create the name “Kyomien” (Kyomi Plantation). I am an officially certified “Rural Woman”. Through agriculture in particular, my aim is to encourage interaction and exchanges between people who come to this guesthouse.

Shimizu in Daisen city where we live is, as its name suggests, an area of abundant flowing clear water. Please come and spend some time here, relaxing peacefully in an area of natural beauty, which is so typical of Akita. Everyone is most welcome - visitors from Akita, visitors from the town, and overseas guests.