Basic Information

Establishment name
Kuri no Ki
Hiroko Sasaki
186 Kamatari, Koyamada, Nishikicho
Telephone number
1 night, half board JPY7,000 / 1 night, breakfast only, JPY5,000 / 1 night accommodation only JPY4,000
* Separate heating charge during winter
Hairdryer, towel, fridge
Experience menu
Picking chestnuts, picking mountain vegetables, making “yubeshi” (rice cake)
Not available

Key details

Saimjyoji chestnuts are the largest chestnuts in Japan. Kuri no Ki Farm Inn runs its own chestnut orchard.

The nuts benefit from the blessings of heaven and earth as they grow. With tender care from Hiroko-san, they taste absolutely delicious when fully grown. Why not take a walk together with her in the chestnut orchard? Spend time here with her surrounded by beautiful Nature, according to the seasons. You will experience so much hospitality and affection during your stay.

You can also try making “yubeshi” (local sweets). Your host will show you how much fun it is to make sweets. In spring, the hills behind the Sasaki family house become a treasure trove of wild vegetables. Follow behind Hiroko-san and discover all sorts of wild vegetables!

Request to guests

  1. Please bring your own drinks
  2. Please bring your own pajamas and bathroom accessories (toothbrush, towel, etc.)
  3. Check-in from 3 PM; check-out 10 AM
  4. The guesthouse has a public bath available for guests’ use. Please pay the hot spring entrance fee. We thank you for your understanding. There are many hot springs in Semboku that you can visit on a day trip. We would appreciate it if you could check in after you return from your bathing trip.