Basic Information

Establishment name
Kayo no Sato Kishiro
Akiko Chida
69 Uchino, Tazawa, Tazawako, Semboku-shi
Telephone number
1 night, half board, JPY7,000 /  1 night, breakfast only, JPY5,500 / 1 night, accommodation only, JPY4,500
* Separate heating charge during winter
Hairdryer, towels, toothbrush
Experience menu
Rice planting (May - June) / picking mountain vegetables (spring) / harvesting (September - October) / Forestry experience (spring - autumn) / “sasamochi” making (rice cakes wrapped in bamboo leaves) (all year round) / making igloos (winter)

Key details

Located near Kayodake at Lake Tazawa in Semboku City. This mountain is loved by locals as a symbol of the Tazawa region. Here you will find quiet villages blessed by the abundant waters that flow down from the mountain. Kajika (sculpin fish) live in these waters, the kind of fish that you only see in clear streams. Kayonosato Kishiro is a guesthouse that invites you for a wonderful experience in this quiet woodland area.

In this area, you can experience making “sasamochi” - known locally as “sasappamochi” or “keiran” (eggs). The guesthouse is very popular with students and with female guests. Kaoru and Akiko Chida say, “We want to create a guest house that people will love as if it is their second hometown village, where people can come to experience countryside activities and rural culture. A walk in the forest behind the inn, listening to the sound of the breeze or the running water is so pleasant and relaxing. A nostalgic landscape spreads out in front of you, stirring something deep in your memory.

* Note to guests: There is a pet dog in the house.