Basic Information

Establishment name
“Kamuen” Farm Inn
Mikako Tateoka
74 Kitanofujimagarikomichizoe, Showaokubo, Katagami-shi
Telephone number
1 night, half board, JPY6,500 (Tax included) / 1 night, breakfast only, JPY5,500
TV, fridge, hairdryer, bathrobe, towel, toothbrush
Experience menu
Farm work experience in the orchard (Please inquire for more details)
Not Available

Key details

The owners are looking forward to meeting you. Here you will find people that you will want to see again, people you will enjoy talking to. Thoughts, desires and emotions... Why not come here for a reunion, to catch up on the old days. There will be someone waiting to meet you with pleasant smile.

Nashi (Japanese pears), pears, apples and grapes are grown on the farm. There is an orchard right in front of the guesthouse, surrounded by earth and greenery. Children can run around safely here. This farmhouse accommodation is a place where you can relax and unwind. Nature’s vigor will put you in good health and will lift your spirits. All rooms have a veranda. At night you can gaze up at the starry skies.