Basic Information

Establishment name
“Kayabuki Sanso Kakuzan” (Kakuzan, Thatched roof mountain lodge)
Yuta Abe
61 Fumoto, Tashio, Ugomachi, Ogachi-gun, Akita Prefecture
Telephone number
Mikenes Bookstore (Kakuzan office) 0183-62-5009
Rental of whole building JPY15,000 (for up to 5 people) (Dinner JPY2,300 per person / Breakfast JPY800)
Hairdryer, fridge, towel, toothbrush
Experience menu
Not available

Key details

This private house is more than 100 years old. Its thatched roof still remains in place today. It has now been given a new lease of life.

“Kakuzan” located in Tashiro area in Uragomachi is a part of the woodland scenery. Visitors here are greeted by its elegant appearance. For many years, this house inherited and embodied the thoughts and sentiments of the landlords who watched over it. The house carries on the traditions of the generations, bringing together the wisdom and capabilities of local residents here. It is a place where you can escape the world outside and revitalize your mind and body in the company of your family and close friends.

Meal plan information

Plan 1: Self-catering

This plan allows you to cook and make your own meals using your own ingredients. Feel free to use the mountain lodge’s “irori” (hearth) and kitchen (charcoal grill, brazier, pots, gas stove with 3 hobs, rice cooker, microwave oven, dishes).

* No additional charge

Plan 2: Kakuzan Set Menu

Kakuzan staff will diligently prepare your meals for you, with a focus on local dishes. Rates are outlined below according to your requirements. If you had any additional catering requirements, “Yushin” restaurant located within walking distance of the house, would be happy to accommodate your request (the hors d'oeuvres here are highly recommended!). The restaurant accepts orders for food up until 9 PM. Yushin staff will deliver your food to the house. (Closed on Tuesdays)

Dinner JPY2,300 per person / Breakfast JPY800 per person

Plan 3: “Mochi” making experience

Guests are also welcome to enjoy making “mochi” (rice cakes) themselves the old-fashioned way with pestle and mortar. They can also try freshly made rice cake dishes (such as “anko mochi”, “kinako mochi,” and “sumashi mochi”).

Rate: 1 “mochi” making experience, JPY4,200