Basic Information

Establishment name
“Kaikon no Sato” Farm Inn
Kazuko Suzuki
119-5 Uwabara, Sainokami, Chokaimachi, Yurihonjo-shi
Telephone number
1 night half board: JPY7,000
TV, fridge
Experience menu
Picking mountain vegetables, making “sasamaki” (rolling with bamboo sheets); making soba noodles.

Key details

For people who want family companionship, or to have a chat about life. Compassion and sympathy is often missing in our daily lives. This guesthouse welcomes you with warmth and hospitality in the spirit of the early settlers here.

The guesthouse is located in snowy Chokaimachi. Our ancestors reclaimed the land around Uwabara shortly after the war and started farming here. The Takkonhi monument was set up in their honor as a testament to their pioneering spirit. Meals are prepared using seasonal ingredients from the farm.

Message from the owner

We now live in an era of plenty, but the days after the war were a time of scarcity and hardship. People came to settle at the foot of Mt.Chokai, named as one of the 100 most famous mountains in Japan. Having been through much hardship, they cleared the fields and raised families here.

Here at “Kaikon no Sato”, through the experience of working on a farm, we help you to enjoy nature and country life in Chokaigo with its abundant water and greenery. Also, we would feel delighted f anyone was interested talking to farmers in the area and listening to their experiences of settling here after the war to find out more about the pioneering spirit and courage of those bygone days.

※ Please note we only accept one group at a time for accommodation to ensure we can offer them full family hospitality and companionship.