Basic Information

Establishment name
Shouei Taguchi
107 Ishigami, Obonai, Tazawako, Senboku-shi
Telephone number
1 night, half board, JPY7,000 / 1 night, breakfast only, JPY5,500 / 1 night, accommodation only JPY4,500
TV, hairdryer, towels, yukata, toothbrush
Experience menu
Digging radishes, making “sasamochi” (rice cakes in bamboo leaf), making rice flour pizzas

Key details

This is a guesthouse you will want to visit time and time again. There is always someone here who wants to see you.

You will be charmed by the beauty of Lake Tazawa and moved by the warmth of the owners. You will feel so invigorated and refreshed. You will not want to leave. You will think, “I will definitely come back here again some time.”

Warmth and hospitality are what make this guesthouse so unique. For dinner you might have something like salt-grilled char with plump rice, or else a rice bowl with Chinese yams. You can enjoy a range of seasonal ingredients. You can try making the Lake Tazawa specialty dish, “keiran” (“sasamochi”, a rice cake on bamboo leaf).

Message from the owner

The renovated old buildings of our guesthouse date back to 1955, or even as far back as the early 20th century. I learned how to be a rice farmer over 20 years ago.

We have various seasonal experiences for you to try here from spring through to winter. In September in particular, you can try your hand at radish farming, doing everything from digging to packing. This takes place on a plateau of beech forest pasture land (altitude 700m) 25 kilometers away. It is an invigorating experience!

Alternatively, you can experience some of our traditional local performing arts (such as dancing and drumming etc.).