Basic Information

Establishment name
“Ichi no E” Farm Inn
Ikuko Sato
153 Ochiai, Kobuchino, Nishikicho, Semboku-shi
Telephone number
1 night, half board, JPY7,000 / 1 night, breakfast only, JPY5,000 / Accommodation only, JPY4,000
Hairdryer, TV
Experience menu
Rice planting, harvesting, picking vegetables, making “sasamochi” (rice cakes wrapped in bamboo leaf)
Not available

Key details

The inn’s “yago” (traditional house name) is “Jusuke”. The first character, “ju”, means “to pile up” or “to repeat” so its name conveys the notion of warm hospitality and support for the guests. This is a place of meeting and interaction between the owners and guests, a place where minds can connect. Please feel free to indulge yourself and relax at your leisure. Your host, Ayako-san is so calm and gentle. Her husband is lively and loves a conversation.

Ayako and Jukou would be delighted for you to spend some time relaxing at their guesthouse. They would be more than happy to talk to you about farming, the focal point of their lives. They will serve you a generous meal of local dishes, which vary according to the season. “Eat as much as you like!”

Message from the owner

Our guesthouse has a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, where you can relax and unwind without having to worry about the time. Feel free to take a short break while you are working in the rice fields. You can see the clear rows of the rice fields in front of you in all directions, or the glittering rows of green. The time of year when the fields turn golden yellow is also wonderful. We invite you to experience the changing seasons and the beauty of Nature through farming.

Please try our rice which we have produced ourselves. It is something we are very proud of. Also, you can have as much to drink as you like!

Request to guests

  1. Please bring your own drinks
  2. Please bring your own pajamas and bathroom accessories (toothbrush, towel, etc.)
  3. Check-in from 3 PM; check-out 10 AM
  4. The guesthouse has a public bath available for guests’ use. There is an additional charge for hot water. We thank you for your understanding. There are many hot springs in Semboku that you can visit on a day trip. We would appreciate it if you could check in after you return from your bathing trip.