Basic Information

Establishment name
Hanamizuki Farm Inn
Junko Honda
41 Ienoue Minehamauchiaramaki, Happo-cho, Yamamoto-gun, Akita Prefecture
(The owner meets guests at the station and will give them a lift back as well.)
Telephone number
0185-76-3778 (Line open: 9 AM - 9PM)
Accommodation only per adult JPY4,950 [JPY1,100 for breakfast/JPY2,200 for dinner / Room with “damako-nabe” (hot pot with rice balls), serves 4-5, JPY6,600] * JPY550 separate charge for heating in winter (December to March)
Fridge, hairdryer, TV, towel
Experience menu
Harvest experience (shiitake mushroom bed, rice, vegetables, fruit trees), Walk and cook experience (sea, river, village, mountains).
JPY800 per hour (Some expenses are free of charge) Please contact the guesthouse.
15 mins. by car from JR Higashi-Noshiro Station (Ou main line); 6 mins. by car from Mukai-Noshiro Station

Key details

"Hanamizuki" is a peaceful country house, surrounded by the blessings of nature and located at the foot of Shirakami-Sanchi. The guesthouse offers self-catering facilities, including an IH stove, kitchen and fridge. Please enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and make yourself at home here.

The guesthouse also serves meals prepared with local ingredients that you can enjoy with confidence. Delicious locally produced sake is available to accompany your meal (Additional charge).
Enjoy a farming experience or a walk in the countryside at this rural farm house in Shirakami-Sanchi, surrounded by wonderful nature.
A special Japanese cypress bath is available for guests to use. Soothe away your tiredness as you relax with the scent of cypress and the warmth of the wood.