Basic Information

Establishment name
Benten no Yado (Benten Inn)
Kyoko Takahashi
46-1 Goshobata, Higashiyurioikata, Yurihonjo-shi
Telephone number
1 night, accommodation only, JPY3,500 (Tax excluded)/ 1 night, breakfast only, JPY4,500 (Tax excluded)/1 night, half board, JPY6,000 (Tax excluded)
Please ask the hotel if you require lunch.
* JPY500 separate charge for heating in winter (November to May)
TV, hairdryer, fridge, shower, bath
Experience menu
Please ask the hotel
Area information
There is a shop within walking distance

Key details

Where is your hometown village? People who come home for Obon, people who do not have a hometown they can call their own, people who want to catch up with their friends... This is a spiritual home for our guests: everyone has their own reason for coming here.

The guesthouse is located on a hill with views of the blue sky during the day and the starry skies at night. There is a bus stop directly in front of the hotel and a hot spring nearby. The rooms are a perfect place to chat with friends, comfortable and pleasant with warm wooden decor. At the entrance, a plaque above the door grabs your attention. It reads, “Egu kita na”, which means “Welcome. Thank you for coming” in Akita dialect.

Message from the owner

This is a guesthouse for people from the city who do not have a hometown village, or a place where people are welcome to stay when they return home for a visit. We serve regional dishes that remind you of home, made with regional ingredients for local people.

Our activity experiences are sponsored by our colleagues from the Green Tourism Study Group. Children from the city are most welcome here when they are on holiday.

Why not try a taste of hometown village living? Long term stays are available.